IKEA “Moments About Food” NYC Rooftop Event!

 What a creative way to start your day at IKEA’s “Moments About Food” in NYC! Honored to be invited to this creative and inspirational event with its focus on food, food sourcing, product introductions, tips on organic farming, canning and urban farming on your own rooftop! 

Amazed by IKEA’s newest product introductions that are “Trend Right” and “Eco Savvy” featuring substrates like cork, bamboo, various woods and woven fabrics! Colors are updated and fresh with many combinations to pick from.

IKEA’s newest “Section Kitchen Selection” is brilliant. Each drawer is a personalized space for all your kitchen gadgets as well as food storage, dinnerware, drinkware and utensils. Shown in a fantastic green finish, this kitchen is a vertical masterpiece! No more reaching for items that are too tall to grab..this is a kitchen with maximum bandwidth!  

Be sure to check out IKEA’s newest catalog and product in stores and help them celebrate an amazing new introduction of some of the most innovative and clever product ranges I have viewed in a while. From innovative placemats with i-phone pockets to organic new jams, cork outdoor ensembles and beautiful textiles….you will be updating your home in no time!

Oh and a special “shout out” to Katie Lee for sharing some great food tips and yummy treats!


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