About Nancy Fire

I am the Creative Director and Founder of Design Works International, a multi-discipline design studio in the heart of New York City specializing in original textile design, trend development, color, and bespoke consulting services. My objective is always to help companies reach the next level of design. I want life to be easier for in-house designers and teams, and I want to see their customer base and consumer loyalty grow.

For the past 8 years, I have served as design director to HGTV HOME, the consumer and home products arm of the most watched lifestyle cable network. I oversaw the brands design direction and image by creating lifestyle presentations pertaining to relevant trends in the market.

Because of my work, I’m often invited to speak at industry conferences and design colleges about trends, and product and design development today. If you’re interested in speaking with me about a project, feel free to call me for an informal chat.

I hope you enjoy my Color, Chaos, & Creativity Blog! I love to write about all my travels, upcoming trends, and what inspires me in life.

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