Collaborating with Nature 

For inspiration regarding color I often take my cue from nature. This weekend I noticed that our hydrangeas were starting to bloom at our country house and I was inspired by these awesome cool tones of lilac and purple…having just painted our front door lilac last weekend I decided to use the same inspirational color on our outdoor shower…I am never one to match when designing the interior or exterior of our home but I love the connection of color here…and it’s always nice to collaborate with nature💜 [even better when your husband agrees to paint your front door and outdoor shower lilac]

Surtex NYC Trend Updated From Color, Chaos and Creativity…Part 3

Last month in NYC I spoke about print, pattern and color trends at Surtex NYC, representing our design studio, Design Works International, a lifestyle/product design firm specializing in the home, fashion and accessory industries.

Out Of This World…literally..we are talking Galaxy inspired prints, patterns, embroideries with an iridescent sensibility and style. Nocturnal tones of deep purple, indigo and magenta are part of the color plan to heighten the vibe of this celestial superstar.

Even after a year of playful pineapples…we are still craving for more…NEW this season…the use of millennial pink mixed with metallic and textural accents.

Somewhere Over….yes it’s all about iridescent finishes and rainbow colorways in fashion, home and decorative accessories. The more color…the better and these saturated shades are cross generational…NOT only for the millennial crowd.

Boho Style continues to increase as a lifestyle look and we are seeing the resurgence of Folk Florals..[did they ever go away] as wallpaper, clothing, home accessories and garden tools in Americana color combinations that coordinate beautifully with denim…another trend that has cross generational appeal.

This is the last of a 3 part series …so if you missed part 1 and 2 please take a peek either at Color, Chaos and Creativity or at Design Works International’s blog.

All prints and patterns designed by Design Works International are property of our studio until a purchase agreement is signed. If interested in purchasing prints, our website is or call our studio at 212-594-0777 ext 112.

Stay tuned for our next series on new color combinations…2018

Surtex NYC Trend Update Part One

Last month at Surtex NYC, I gave a seminar on Color, Chaos and Creativity..trends relating to the fashion, home and accessory markets. Posting my first update today and will continue to post the rest this week on color, chaos and creativity.

Jungle Florals and Tropical Treasures…redefining our lifestyle by bringing “the outdoors indoors” with oversized jungle inspired leaves and flowers. Greenery with bright pops of pink, violet and turquoise.

Our Rock Star trend is a millennial “must have” with spiritually topping the charts with crystals as the next craz! Soft pastels are accented with rich purple and magenta shades.

Colorful Catci take succulents to a whole new level by embracing products in fashion, home and accessories. This season we are seeing pastel colored succulents against deep toned grounds creating a new vibe in contrast color work.

Farm Fresh is truly a lifestyle today centered around organic style painted veggies, fruits and flowers. Colors are vibrant, fresh and saturated. Don’t be afraid to mix and match techniques within prints…it’s an updated and sophisticated way to make these prints new this season.

Cannot forget our Greenery this season with a shout-out to Pantone’s color of the year..we love pairing this special shade of green with contracting green shades creating depth and dimension..also adding black into the mix for a more sophisticated take on color!

Posting more updated trends for 2018 tomorrow…thanks for following💚

Creativity Everywhere

 PS 163 Alfred E Smith Public School NYC

First post of 2016 for colorchaosandcreativity and we decided to change it up a bit…still talking about creativity…but through our local community in NYC.

While passing our neighborhood public school we noticed that they were awarded a Neighborhood Grant by the Citizens Committee for NYC.

Over the past few years we have watched teachers, parents and family members of PS 163 work together to create a better learning experience for the students. Nice to see a community working together for positive change, both inside and outside the school!

The Citizens Committee offers micro-grants for your community building projects. The funds come from a combination of corporate sponsors, private foundations and individual donations. They take care of raising the money so you can carry out your project.

Please visit their website to see all grant options and spread the word about The Citizens Committee!

For more info go to

HGTV HOME “Celebrating”

Excited to share that HGTV HOME was awarded “Best Corporate Brand Program” at LIMA this year and yesterday on Instagram we hit 50K in followers! Proud to be affiliated with such a creative and dedicated team at Scripps Networks Interactive and of course all our HGTV HOME Partners! As Design Director of HGTV HOME, as well as Creative Director and Founder of Design Works International NYC, I am blessed to be working with such creative, talented and dedicated individuals!❤️

IKEA “Moments About Food” NYC Rooftop Event!

 What a creative way to start your day at IKEA’s “Moments About Food” in NYC! Honored to be invited to this creative and inspirational event with its focus on food, food sourcing, product introductions, tips on organic farming, canning and urban farming on your own rooftop! 

Amazed by IKEA’s newest product introductions that are “Trend Right” and “Eco Savvy” featuring substrates like cork, bamboo, various woods and woven fabrics! Colors are updated and fresh with many combinations to pick from.

IKEA’s newest “Section Kitchen Selection” is brilliant. Each drawer is a personalized space for all your kitchen gadgets as well as food storage, dinnerware, drinkware and utensils. Shown in a fantastic green finish, this kitchen is a vertical masterpiece! No more reaching for items that are too tall to grab..this is a kitchen with maximum bandwidth!  

Be sure to check out IKEA’s newest catalog and product in stores and help them celebrate an amazing new introduction of some of the most innovative and clever product ranges I have viewed in a while. From innovative placemats with i-phone pockets to organic new jams, cork outdoor ensembles and beautiful textiles….you will be updating your home in no time!

Oh and a special “shout out” to Katie Lee for sharing some great food tips and yummy treats!


Cultivate 2015 “A Labor of Love”

Honored to be a Key Note speaker at Cultivate 2015 held in Columbus Ohio July 12-14. This is NOT a typical trade show it’s a labor of love❤️ and let me tell you why! After spending the past 2 days at Cultivate 2015, the largest horticulture show in North America, I got a “behind the scenes” peek into one of the most passionate industries in the world….breeders, growers, nursery owners, writers, media outposts and people affiliated with the beautification of this planet! I will never look at a flower or plant in the same way…so many talented minds and hands are responsible for creating these specimens…it’s actually mind blowing…honored to have met so many intelligent and dedicated people at Cultivate and look forward to learning more about this amazing industry through my new friends!

So proud of our HGTV HOME Plant Partners for creating a beautiful plant collection filled with succulents, flowering plants and the best custom mixed “one step style” assortments in the industry!








Potting Shed turned “She Shed”


Trend Alert “She Shed”….call me ol’ fashion but I have been “in vogue” for a while … “She Shed” has existed for the past 14 years… Just in the form of my “Potting Shed”!

Who knew that the space we built many years ago to hold my garden tools, miscellaneous containers, books and various garden gadgets would soon be called “She Shed”! Perfect name for a perfect place because that is where I love spending my “free” time…repotting, planting and planning for more pretty and colorful flowers and shrubs…after all, it’s a labor of love so why not give it a “Trend Right” name!

Global Greats…North Devon U.K. 


Wanted to share a few “Global Greats” from our trip this past week to the English Countryside! These pics are from Dunster, Barnstaple, Braunton and Wiltshire. I will be posting images over the next week on this blog as well as Instagram @nancy_fire

Our amazing week in Devon was reflective of the people, places and experiences that we had! An adventure that was truly aspirational and eye opening….

Tomorrow’s post will include lodging and favorite food picks.

Jet lag is setting in….good nite all!