The Gardens of North Devon

Traveling through the English countryside around North Devon this past week has reconfirmed my love for gardens that have a “rustic” touch. In America I call this style “rustic glam” when beauty meets a more unfinished sensibility…still beautiful but in a rustic way!

Personally as an avid gardener I  have never liked my gardens perfect and manicured. I have always preferred them a bit “rough around the edges” paired with substrates like old stone walls, distressed wood and in groupings of tonal colors that define my borders in a more color centric way…..well my friends after a week in North Devon I am heading back to the U.S. in awe of these magical gardens with more ways to keep my “rustic glam” garden trend more authentic!

Take note of some of my inspiration….and do note that the English Rose gives off a scent that is even more overwhelming than its beauty!



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