Updated Style in the Medieval Town of Dunster, Somerset

Tucked into a 16th century shop in the Medieval town of Dunster, houses a Garden and Home Store with an updated style and sensibility known as the Horse and Crook. Shop owner and curator Abigail Larter has been in business the past 9 years because her style is somewhat unique in this tourist centric town where thousands of people from all over the world come and visit the Dunster Castle and Gardens.

Traveling as I do for my business, shopping trends and style throughout the world it’s refreshing to see a store that is unique to its town…and that is exactly what Abigail has created at the Horse and Crook.

Dunster is a town filled with many eateries and shops that are more tourist centric catering to bus loads of people on excursions to the castle. The Horse and Crook are exactly the opposite as a garden and home store with an updated “rustic glam” style. Abigail seeks out rustic and natural products from many local sources and curators them in an updated fashion. Her terra cotta and cream colored walls really do the trick creating a beautiful backdrop for her carefully curatored products. Succulents displayed in distressed painted pots, rustic frames with hand stamped detailing, hand lettered gift tags and printed textiles are just a few of Abigail’s fun finds at the Horse and Crook.

The Horse and Crook is located at:                  18 High Street in Dunster, Somerset. http://www.horseandcrook.co.uk 


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