London Inspiration

A quick trip in London before heading to North Devon today….wanted to share some “Global Greats”. Always love being in London especially when the sun is shinning  and the sky is blue!    Mesob Baskets and Kilim Rugs from Liberty of London and embroidered pillows from John Lewis Oxford Street.

  Fabrics, pillows and lampshades from John Lewis Oxford Street.

  Everything Home at John Lewis Oxford Street

  Berners Tavern at The London Edition

Berners Tavern at The London Edition

An Enchanted Evening

 Last week I attended the HSN Awards Gala with HGTV in Saint Petersburg Florida and was captivated by this magical evening! The event is held to honor some of HSN’s clients, or should I say family…because the feeling of this “Enchanted Evening” was truly like one big family! The warmth of the evening in celebrating some of HSN’s greats was something like the Academy Awards of HSN. It was one of those parties that everyone including the host and hostess were having “A Ball”, no pun intended! The theme which emulated the sensibility of the new Disney Movie, Cinderella was, how should I say, spectacular! 

In this day of retail sales weather it be brick and mortar, on-line, catolog or television it’s nice to see cohesiveness when it comes to retail partners and the respect each has for one another!

Kudos to Mindy Grossman and Bill Brand for creating this “Enchanted Evening”, it was truly enjoyable!


Watercolor Wednesday

Trending at my NYC based studio, Design Works International these days is the return of watercolor and original techniques that relate to a more artsy style and sensibility!

Exciting to see the return of dimension in design by creating imperfect layers of color…we love that “imperfect is the new perfect”! 

Knowing that blues are trending again in home lifestyle products we felt that this nice touch of warm rust complimented our original tile design.

       Image from our Design Works International Home Collection NYC. All rights reserved. 

Playful Products

So nice to find playful products on my travels these days…really love the spontaneouty of these ceramic bowls for their color and imperfect pattern design. I am not a fan of matching patterns but I do love collections of similar objects….hence loving this ceramic collection!

Photo posted by nancy_fire

A Few Of My Favorite Things!

Tiles, Tones of Green and Patina…all design elements that make me smile. This season be on the look out for these trending and beautiful details.

Tiles are now seen in many rooms and not just the bathroom or kitchen…be creative in your design experience!

Tones of green this season are off beat tones of different shades of green working together! No more matchy-matchy hues….

Patina makes me think of aged beauty, but this season it actually takes on a more modern style.

   Trend Board and Photo nancy_fire

Repetition NYC

Repetition in NYC could mean many things especially after living here for 30 years…as a designer it’s all about  color, creativity and of course chaos, the positive kind!

Finding historic repetition like the detailing in these landmark handrail medallions in mixed metals just made my day! In NYC it’s all about appreciating “the history” that is captured by these everlasting signs of creativity!


Photo credit @ nancy_fire

Happy Monday!

Had to share our “Sunrise over the City”! Beautiful morning of warm tones framing the skyline and Central Park! Looks magical and surreal…what a great way to start the day! Enjoy.

              Photo by @nancy_fire

Pillow Power…Lives On!

An inexpensive yet effective way to refresh any room in your home is to change up your dec pillows…with so many affordable and fun choices today it’s easy to update your style sensibility without making a huge investment.

With the resurgence of embroidery and many handmade techniques this season, dec pillows provide another way to layer in texture and dimension in any room.