An Enchanted Evening

 Last week I attended the HSN Awards Gala with HGTV in Saint Petersburg Florida and was captivated by this magical evening! The event is held to honor some of HSN’s clients, or should I say family…because the feeling of this “Enchanted Evening” was truly like one big family! The warmth of the evening in celebrating some of HSN’s greats was something like the Academy Awards of HSN. It was one of those parties that everyone including the host and hostess were having “A Ball”, no pun intended! The theme which emulated the sensibility of the new Disney Movie, Cinderella was, how should I say, spectacular! 

In this day of retail sales weather it be brick and mortar, on-line, catolog or television it’s nice to see cohesiveness when it comes to retail partners and the respect each has for one another!

Kudos to Mindy Grossman and Bill Brand for creating this “Enchanted Evening”, it was truly enjoyable!


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