A Kid For A Day at “Kind + Jugend” in Cologne Germany!

Hard to recall the last time I felt like a kid for a day…so thank you Kind + Jugend for showcasing some of the best international kids products in Cologne Germany this week!

Great to see such innovative and creative products taking center stage for 2016! The color story was varied from “the softer side” creating a more vintage sensibility to a more “bold and bright” geometric style for a more outgoing sensibility.

Serba displayed knitted 3-D character dolls on an updated scenic printed bed set.

Keoka’s take was more of a mid century modern changing table that had us all at hello…dreaming of how we could use this piece even if our kids were full grown!

Tede from Berlin had the most amazing wooden toy animated bikes in beautiful dye based finishes creating some of the nicest color palettes that we viewed at the show.

Dip Dap from Lativa had a more modern take on a toddler bike made of digitally printed wood with a repeated bear motif.

3 Sprouts from Canada represented by Duux went for a more graphic oversized character approach on home decor fabric storage containers.

Kids 11, a client of mine located in Atlanta debuted many new innovative toy and gear offerings along with their new packaging and logo update.

Tuc Tuc from Spain was truly a trend setter with there newest black and white geometric strollers!

ChildHome had one of the most curated and fresh looking booths at the show for color, style and substrates! Look at this cute fabric tent!

Neo NATO had a fun graffiti wall display outside their booth.

Green Tom had the coolest all organic and green strollers made from post consumer recycled products….so innovative and refreshing!

Camarelo had the most graphic splatter print stroller in black, orange, green with accents of blue.

TwistShake is extremely innovative with there colorful and multi-functional bottles and containers!

More pics and info on the Kind + Jugend Show tomorrow on my Designworksstyle.com blog






  Keoka   Tede

 Dip Dap   3 Sprouts

 Kids 11

  Tuc Tuc

  ChildHome  Neo NATO

 Green Tom



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