“Photo Bombed” by Stonehenge

Never easy ending a vacation….especially one that was super inspiring as Neil and I made our way through the English Countryside in the North Devon Region of the U.K.

Driving a car in these parts is what any American would say…”an adventure unto itself”. Not only are you driving on the opposite side of the road and your steering wheel is flush right, the roads of Devon are the size of a bike path for two way traffic!

English Country Gardens are rustic and refined…colors are saturated and flowers this time of the year have an aroma worth the drive! So much inspiration and natural beauty……on our way back to London we made a special detour to a place that has been on my bucket list for some time now…Stonehenge….speaking of Natural Beauty from 4500 years ago…we had to check out these fine rocks…and we are glad we did!

An ancient temple aligned from the movement of the sun, Stonehenge will not dissapoint! It’s massive scale, textured surface and history are all part of the experience!Hard enough to end a vacation but we found a great segue to get us back….being “Photo Bombed” by Stonehenge!   





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