Indigo, Shibori & Block Printing

This season “Feeling the Blues” in print and pattern is super creative because it’s all about different artistic techniques like Shibori and Block Printing. Patterns are imperfect because each print takes on its own personality and style due to the technique being used.
Colors range from deep dark indigo to powder blue with accents of teal creating unexpected highlights.

It’s encouraging to see these patterns at retail that look updated and fresh. When styling prints like these it’s best to introduce enough white to help the pattern from becoming over saturated. It’s refreshing to see the clean blue and white stripe in the mix which acts as a more traditional addition to the variation of techniques this season.

At Design Works International, my design studio in NYC, our print collections are looking like a creative mix of Shibori, block printing, tie-dye and watercolor. As designers we are so excited for this very innovative print and pattern season!

We are always looking for freelance and full time designers to join our talented team, if interested please e-mail us at


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