Type, Text and Textiles…Trending!

Self expression is in and by today’s standards we all have a lot more to say. With the rise of social media and DIY influences, text, type and textiles are a form of self expression!

Some might choose to have a massive blackboard (chalk paint is awesome) as an accent wall so each day personal notes or sayings are updated…while others are digitally printing fabric with personalized statements and using as dec pillows to update their design aesthetic!
Whatever the case may be we see a resurgence in self expression and type, text and textiles seem to be an update outlet for creativity!


Typography Treasures

On my way to the press office at Heimtex in Frankfurt this morning I stumbled upon these vintage typography posters and could not resist sharing them! As a designer I just love finding these treasures that make me stop and think about design, color and creativity…no chaos here! My favorite is on the bottom left because the message is like a visual puzzle. Let me know which is your favorite and why.