KBIS Creativity

Fun filled day at the Kitchen and Bath Show at the Convention Center in Orlando. Creative home products that embrace new style, substrate and design produced by a multitude of amazing manufacturers and designers.

Ann Sachs “Green With Envy” at Koehler.

Bertazzoni Red Stove

Build A Hood

Matte Black at Wilsonart

Thermador Freedom Kitchen

Zac Posen For Momogram

Mixed Metals at Delta Faucets

Koehler Minimalist Sink

Merci. Have you been?

Have you ever been to Merci in Paris? You know that lifestyle store that has a cult following from all over the world… which I guess Includes me!!


Take a detour, you will be happy you did! Located at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais in Le Marias.


Merci never disappoints because they are on the cutting edge of style with fashion as well as Home Decor.


The vibe; bustling with trendy people from all over the world coming to see the newest textures, substrates, colors and style updates.


Today they were making custom chair tops from a powdery substance that allows you, the consumer, to design your chairs on the spot! Right in the store! Pretty awesome! Pretty millennial! And Pretty Fast!!


The beauty of these custom chairs is that no two are alike since each one is individually made. With the various color combinations and ombré effects that you can create using these powder substrates…it’s an instant DIY! Each one is an original work of art and a true one of a kind… I am ready to create mine!


“Rustic Glam”

Trending at retail, in restaurants and in many homes these days is a sensibility I call “Rustic Glam” It’s a mix between “glam and raw materials”. Best to think of this style as “the new industrial” something I have been talking about for the past two years!

Coming off of a two week trend and research trip both overseas as well as in the states…I really am enjoying this universal sensibility and style.

The first photo is a great example of using metallic accents as the “glam” against wallpaper that has a more rustic style…shown here from the KBIS Show last week in Las Vegas!

The next photo was taken in Germany at the Heimtextil Show which received 615 likes on my HGTVHOME Instagram!

The brick, mirror and light fixture are from a very groovy resturant that I visited while art directing our HGTV photo shoot for HSN IN Tampa…called “Oxford Exchange” located downtown at 420 West Kennedy Boulevard!

Yes, it’s in the mix and this season it’s refreshing to see different substrates
like wood, metal, sequins and texture working together in the home.

Enjoy the mix and “make it your own” by combining techniques and textures that are inspiring!

Happy Designing!!!