Naturally Inspiring


The perfect view…while hiking in Bratten Fleming, a small village in North Devon U.K. I stumbled upon the “perfect view”! Perfect you might ask, how can something actually be this perfect….I will tell you….it’s a moment in time that was not staged for a photo shoot, it’s a moment in time that does not appear on a catalog cover (not yet) but a moment in time that one can appreciate if they just stop and enjoy. It has all the right ingredients: perspective, texture, saturated color and natural charm. 
I bet if we started to look at our surroundings a bit more we would learn to appreciate more of these “perfect views”. Take that walk that you have been putting off, enjoy that city block that we were meaning to explore, find that beach during a sunset…because there are so many “perfect views” in our life that do not always come in the form of this photograph…sometimes we just need to create them within ourselves!

From this Magical Place…Bratten Fleming, North Devon U.K. 

First I have to thank my art director at Design Works International, Selina and her husband Pete for inviting us to their wedding in North Devon this coming Saturday…because when that invite arrived a few months back I did not even know this magical part of the country existed! After some quick research and my wonderful husband agreeing to rent a car and drive 4 hours out of London…on the opposite side of the road and a steering wheel flush right…our plans were official! (Kudos to my hubby Neil who drove like a pro…noted from Heathrow..into Central London for a day and 4 hours into the English Countryside)

Arriving into Bratten Fleming via the back roads that emulate glorified bike paths…I knew we were in for a fantastic adventure….you see these back roads are wide enough for a single vehicle no bigger than a Mini Cooper by UK standards…had to back up twice to let oncoming local traffic pass…these roads, or paths really, are flanked by fern and wild hollyhocks in bright magenta I might add! A photographers paradise…begging Neil to take me back on these roads today so I can capture their beauty! As a designer and photographer this part of the country is pure paradise!

We are staying at the lovely Bracken House in Bratten Fleming where I will dedicate a full blog post in a few days…so much to capture here that my brain needs time to comprehend and organize all my thoughts and images…so for now I will just post “moments of brillance” from this Magical Place!


All photos by Nancy Fire


Snow. Do. Not. Enter.

Photo by @nancy_fire

I know the two words that we all want to say today “Happy Spring” might have to be on hold for at least tomorrow due to a pending snow storm on the east coast today!

Guess we have to remember that it’s only March 20th and we have had our fair share of snow on the east coast through April in past years.

The chaos for NYC will be the crazy commute home tonight as the storm should hit its stride by rush hour, BUT the creativity will come from yet another amazing photo op that NYC has to offer when it’s color is a blanket of fresh white snow!

Trying to stay positive….”TGIF”!❄️❄️

Making Memories

Looking back at my lifetime of memories I cherish those times that we actually took the time to capture life in the making.

Back in the day of film, sepia prints, and art filled family photos, images were heartfelt and meaningful……I am happy to see a resurgence of this sensibility and style!

Everytime I see this image it brings me back to that day on the beach with the people I love most in this world!

Keep making those memories as creative as you can and they will last a lifetime.

Bridge Perspective…..NYC 

Even from a far NYC intrigues me…no matter where I stand I always seem to fall in love all over again with it’s timeless beauty.

Perhaps it’s the subtle neutral tones of the skyline or it’s eclectic architecture that seems to calm my soul. And yes, the chaos of course…the good kind that promotes creativity and promise!

I ❤️ NY!

.            Photo Credit @nancy_fire