Repetition NYC

Repetition in NYC could mean many things especially after living here for 30 years…as a designer it’s all about  color, creativity and of course chaos, the positive kind!

Finding historic repetition like the detailing in these landmark handrail medallions in mixed metals just made my day! In NYC it’s all about appreciating “the history” that is captured by these everlasting signs of creativity!


Photo credit @ nancy_fire

Heavy Metal in the Home!

Well I am not referring to Metallica or ACDC…on the music scene…but rather “Mixed Metals” that have been on-trend for the last few seasons in the home.

In the past many of us would NOT mix metal finishes but would rather find a certain metal like a stainless and adhere to the same finish! Well those days are over and today we can happily say that “Metal Mixing” is in, while “Matching Metals” is out!

Mix those warm and cool metal surfaces allowing a personality of style to shine through your home. Today we are seeing metals mixed with matte black finishes as well which give us an updated industrial sensibility.

Remember it’s all in the mix…supporting your sense of style in the home!