Product Personality at Maison Objet Miami

I was probably the biggest skeptic when I heard two years ago that my favorite overseas show was heading to Miami for its debut in America. It’s been two years now, I have attended both shows, walked all aisles, met new designers, found innovative products and love chillin’ in Maimi…so I guess I am no longer a skeptic and more of a fan!

Happy to share some global greats from this past Maison Objet show which took place in Miami May 10-13.

Neutral Nuances (top left) Porada, Roberta Schiling, Morada, Porada

Artisan Accessories (top left) FOS, Ritz and Marwitz, Ritz and Marwitz, FOS

Playful Products (top left) Studio Poli, Fermob, Matrone, Dransfield and Ross

Take A Seat (top left) Fenabel, Fenable, Serge De Troyer, Fenabel

Weaves and Watercolor (top left) Dransfield and Ross, Bertz, Forza Home, Dransfield and Ross

Bold Colors are Back!

Bold…Blocking…and Beautiful!

Saturated color for the home is an upbeat option for those who are willing to give it a try!

Years ago bold color was considered “Chaotic” in the home because it was considered “Avonguard” and “Artsy”…but by today’s standards many of us love self expression and are drawn to what is different, especially because color is so personal and can define your style!!

A great way to introduce color into the home is by a few defining accent pieces that will give any space a bit of color personality!

Check out my current “color finds” from Maison & Objet in Paris and enjoy adding some color into your life!


Creative Manufacturing- Design of the Future

Finally, manufacturers that actually get it…today’s design is about tomorrow future!
Returning from an aspirational design show such as Maison Objet in Paris really makes one think about the future of design around the globe! Guess what all…it’s not about the size of your company anymore…it’s the “content that counts”!
Yep, you heard it here first….great to see the smaller manufacturers “killing it” at the show because their brand was “Trend Right” NOT trendy!
When a brand speaks to the consumer the way that Dasras did it allows people to buy exactly what they want without making it themselves…think DIY folks…how can your brand look a bit more “home made” at a retail level. The consumer today is looking for a connection to, for and with a product…