Solo Journey Winter 2015 NYC

It’s true….this winter in  NYC it has been….shall I say “A bit brutal” with our fair share of snow, ice, hail and freezing temperatures…but looking through my camera lens I choose to see ” The Softer Side” of winter…

Photo Credit @nancy_fire

Repetition NYC

Repetition in NYC could mean many things especially after living here for 30 years…as a designer it’s all about  color, creativity and of course chaos, the positive kind!

Finding historic repetition like the detailing in these landmark handrail medallions in mixed metals just made my day! In NYC it’s all about appreciating “the history” that is captured by these everlasting signs of creativity!


Photo credit @ nancy_fire

Happy Monday!

Had to share our “Sunrise over the City”! Beautiful morning of warm tones framing the skyline and Central Park! Looks magical and surreal…what a great way to start the day! Enjoy.

              Photo by @nancy_fire

Finding the Beauty in a NYC Winter!

It’s that time of year in NYC when even the strongest of “New Yorkers” are trying to keep their NYC spirit alive!

Waiting on freezing subway platforms for the train that never seems to arrive or fighting the slushy sidewalks of commuters or those client cancellations due to mass transit delays.

Take some advice from a “Native New Yorker”…enjoy the rustic glam that NYC has to offer…the lighting this time of year reflecting on buildings is incredible, Central Park is truly a winter wonderland and a photographers paradise both in the day as well as the early evening!

The skies might be grey, the buildings might look a bit dodgy from the winter weather and the streets might be full of debris from past storms but it’s all part of the NYC winter experience!

Try looking at our “Rustic Glam” sensibility like a ” Native New Yorker” and enjoy the beauty of a New York City winter!

Photography-Nancy Fire