This Happened…AGAIN!

Well I guess the upside of Winter 2015 in NYC is that it’s a photographers paradise. Took this image tonight on the Upper Westside and it really looks like vintage NYC. It’s super cool how the snow camouflages the city and brings a softness to these street scenes! Black and White imagery is so beautiful as it helps create this timeless moment.

           Photo by @nancy_fire

Bridge Perspective…..NYC 

Even from a far NYC intrigues me…no matter where I stand I always seem to fall in love all over again with it’s timeless beauty.

Perhaps it’s the subtle neutral tones of the skyline or it’s eclectic architecture that seems to calm my soul. And yes, the chaos of course…the good kind that promotes creativity and promise!

I ❤️ NY!

.            Photo Credit @nancy_fire

Home Sweet Home…NYC

Always great to come home after many weeks of traveling for business…cannot complain when my travel was to Germany…Paris…Las Vegas…and sunny Tampa…but returning to NYC is an adventure in itself!
Wanted to share this beautiful NYC greeting….it’s nice to be back in NYC and to take the time to appreciate the natural beauty that we some times take for granted!