Collaborating with NatureĀ 

For inspiration regarding color I often take my cue from nature. This weekend I noticed that our hydrangeas were starting to bloom at our country house and I was inspired by these awesome cool tones of lilac and purple…having just painted our front door lilac last weekend I decided to use the same inspirational color on our outdoor shower…I am never one to match when designing the interior or exterior of our home but I love the connection of color here…and it’s always nice to collaborate with naturešŸ’œ [even better when your husband agrees to paint your front door and outdoor shower lilac]

Harvest Hot Colors

Sharing some seasonal favorite finds with Harvest hot color highlights! Truly some global greats from 2016….

Organic Harvest
Galeries Lafayette Home Spice Market, Paris
Medellin Colombia, South America
Artisan Ceramics Santiago Chile, South America
Inspirational Fall Bedding
Rustic and Refined
Rustic Glam
Roberta Schilling Miami
Roberta Schilling Miami
Organic Color
Twins, Fall in NYC Central Park
East Quogue Long Island
Farm Fresh East Quogue Long Island
Southampton Long Island

Spring AwakeningĀ 

If your from the northeast this image should give you hope that “spring” is officially here. Snow has melted, spring grass is sprouting, birds are out in full force and it’s not freezing!

I guess it’s the winters past that make us appreciate these special moments between the segway of seasons.

For all of us creative types I feel that are senses are highlighted around these times as we see the beauty in the smallest of changes and appreciate them in a more memorable way.

For me it’s always renewal, gratitude and anticipation of what’s to come. A certain excitement starts to build in me with the possibilities of flowers blooming, veggies growing, birds returning and smiles on faces that seem a bit more sincere!

I often wonder if I lived in a place where the seasons did not change how I would miss these segways of seasons!

Photo by Nancy Fire